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Sara Celi joined Freedom43TV as the 9 p.m. anchor in Sept. 2011 after more than seven years in TV. Her broadcasting career has made stops in Shreveport, Louisiana and Cincinnati, Ohio, her hometown. Sara graduated from Western Kentucky University with a double major in Broadcast News and History in May 2004.

She started out shooting her own stories at KSLA just one week after she graduated college and since then has worked in almost every news gathering capacity in the newsroom.

In 2005, the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters recognized Sara for her reporting.

When she’s not at work, you can usually find her training for her latest race.

In March 2011, she completed the LA Marathon, despite the rainy and windy conditions that forced almost 4,000 other runners to be treated for hypothermia!

She also loves to travel, shop, cook, and explore new neighborhoods.

One day, she plans to write a novel.

Life Goal - To make a difference in some way in someone else's life

Play any sports/Favorite Sport - I am a runner, and I love competing in races. I recently won my age group in a 5K, and in March 2011 I ran the LA Marathon

Favorite TV Show - Mad Men

Favorite Car - One that runs!

Happiest moment in my life was - the day I married my husband, Sean Celi in the library named after my father at the church where I grew up.

4 notable persons you'd invite to dinner - Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, Abraham Lincoln, the Dalai Lama

Favorite food - It's a split between Bar-B-Q and Tex/Mex

I have a pet - No. I haven’t had one since the family cat, Casey, died when I was 19. I took it hard.

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when - was 7, sitting next to my dad in the living room watching the Berlin Wall come down

Best movie of all time - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Hardest part of my job - Covering the death of someone who died fighting for our nation and freedom. Because my husband's an officer in the Air Force, I can't help but put myself in the shoes of those families.

Favorite holiday - Thanksgiving

My favorite story of all time - Covering Cooperative for Education's snapshot tour through Guatemala this year. It changed my life to see all the good work that group does on behalf of Guatemala school kids. For five days, I toured that beautiful country and wrote stories about the people on the trip and the children we met along the way. It was one of the hardest and most fulfilling assignments of my life.

People are surprised when I tell them - I've interviewed OJ Simpson

I like to listen to - anything that has Maroon 5 or Adam Levine associated with it

Favorite Book - The Notebook

I'd jump at the chance to - be a foreign correspondent

Best part of the day - right when the sun sets

Favorite place to be other than home & work - It's a toss up between Los Angeles and Palm Beach

Anything else you want viewers to know about you - I'm so happy to be here in Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Recent Articles
  • Wild domestic fight ends with charges

    CHICKASHA, OK — Looks like a regular home, but police say 34 Hazy Brook in Chickasha was anything but over the July 4th holiday. They responded to an all night brawl between Donnie Palmer and Leigh Johnson. Police say it started with drinking. “The female struck the male several times, and then at some point thought that that wasn’t enough,” said Elip Moor, with the Chickasha Police Department. After that, it escalated, and soon involved an axe handle and a […]

  • RaisingFlag-BethelAcresVet1

    Raising the flag in Bethel Acres after tornadoes

    BETHEL ACRES, Okla. – We met Staff Sgt. Alan Burch on the side of the road in Bethel Acres. He clutched an American flag to his chest as he walked through what remained of that community, a community ravaged by an E-F 4 tornado on May 19. “The flag means a lot to me, being a member of the Air Force,” he said. “We pulled it out of a tree, folded it and now I am looking for a place […]

  • Okla. Author Best Seller

    Oklahoma author’s new book debuts on Best Seller lists

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma native Jamie McGuire has done in it again. Hours after her new book, Walking Disaster, debuted, it topped the bestseller list on Amazon. Atria, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, released the book on Tuesday. Walking Disaster is McGuire’s followup to the 2012 smash hit novel Beautiful Disaster. The e-book version of Walking Disaster took the #1 overall spot on Amazon’s bestseller list, while the print version climbed into the top 25. Amazon updates the list hourly. […]

  • Oklahoma lawmakers try to lure gun manufacturer

    OKLAHOMA CITY – In Colorado, Magpul is in the middle of a public relations blitz. The company is campaigning hard against a proposed Colorado law that would ban high-capacity magazines a product that company makes. Company leadership has even threatened to leave Colorado if the law passes. Oklahoma lawmakers said Magpul can find a home right here in Oklahoma. “I certainly don’t mind that one bit,” Rep. Joe Dorman said, D – Rush Springs. He said he’s happy to back an […]

  • Bestselling author Jamie McGuire visits Northern Oklahoma College

    TONKAWA, OK (KFOR)– Earlier this week, we got a glimpse at a homecoming of sorts. Jamie McGuire, one of Northern Oklahoma College’s most famous graduates, visited the students who are now her fans. “It’s fun.  It’s fun to let them know that I was where they were at one point, and to show them that they can do–they can do the same thing if they want,” said Jamie. This Enid author’s been on a crazy ride since 2011. About that […]

  • EdmondNeighborhoodDispute1

    Controversy over new neighborhood in Edmond

    EDMOND, OK — Redbud Canyon neighborhood in Edmond is quiet and serene. It’s a neighborhood where people like the space they have between neighbors. “We’re definitely not opposed to development. We just want to make sure it’s the right kind of development,” said  Lance Watson, one of the residents. Right now, he and other folks aren’t sure that Thunder Canyon, a nearby neighborhood, fits that description. With streets named for Thunder players, the new neighborhood will back right up to […]

  • CTSchoolShootingMemorial1

    Psychiatrist reacts to school shooting in Connecticut

    NORMAN, Okla. — While no mass shooting or tragedy can be compared to another, Dr. Farhan Jawed said shooters who carry out these crimes are often antisocial and in need of help from others. “We should emphasize more in illnesses like depression, mania, psychosis, so that we can help these people at very young ages,” Jawed said. Jawed has worked on a number of cases throughout his career and he’s even looked at the medical conditions that cause people to […]

  • More than 80% of Douglass High seniors not ready to graduate

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A state audit of an Oklahoma City high school has exposed a shocking academic failure. According to the State Department of Education, 81 percent of the seniors at Douglass High School are not meeting requirements to graduate on time. At a press conference Thursday, school and district officials said they requested the audit following the results of an investigation into grade tampering. Former Douglass High School Principal Brian Staples is facing allegations of changing grades to inflate […]

  • Tinker shows us the keys to stopping bird strikes

    OKLAHOMA CITY – When the majestic metal birds at Tinker Air Force Base take off, it’s a coordinated, delicate effort. Everything has to be just right–nothing in the way, not even Mother nature’s natural feathered friends. At TAFB, there is a whole office devoted to making sure wildlife do not interfere with the daily operations of takeoff and landing. It’s called the BASH office, short for bird airfcraft strike hazards. These folks know just what animals like the habitat around […]

  • SaraCeli-FuelTank-Tinker

    Checking out the fuel pump technicians at Tinker Air Force Base

    TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, OK — Our series on Tinker’s trickest jobs took us to a certain part of TAFB where technicians work on the fuel pumps of the plance. “This is our trainer. It’s actually B-52 wing. We use that becuase it’s  just a little bit wider for our training purposes with new airmen,” said Ssgt. Michael Gimmarro as he showed us around the shop. Folks in his office at TAFB spend most of their day deep inside the planes. […]

  • Police look for woman tied to burglaries at assisted living homes

    OKLAHOMA CITY –The staff at Hefner Mansions say they pride themselves on running a clean and spacious facility. “We’re proactive in trying to keep our seniors safe and as least restrictive as we can and still keep their independence,” said Melva Noakes, executive director. That’s why she and other staff members feel frustration over a woman they say slipped into the building in mid July. They caught the woman on camera, and say she searched for an unlocked apartment and […]

  • Pauls Valley landmark to close Friday

    PAULS VALLEY, OK –Johnny Ballard knows the secret to a perfect cherry limeade, and its a secret he’ll take with him on Friday night when this WWII vet closes down the restaurant he’s owned since 1951. For years, Ballard’s Drive-In has been one of the last independently owned drive-ins in Oklahoma. “After over well, 60 years in business, and being 91 years old, I think it’s about time,” said Ballard. He had a smile on his face when he said […]

  • Freedom 43 rides along with the AWACS

    TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, OK — Freedom43 rode along recently with the AWACS as they did a training mission in Missouri with F-16 National Guard pilots from Oklahoma. “You know, it’s not uncommon to show up anywhere, you know, six o’clock in the morning and then be done anywhere from 7 to 8 o clock at night,” said Lt. Colonel Trey Mykytyn, who commanded the mission. Tinker Air Force Base is the home of the AWACS; the Airborne Warning and […]


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