Controversy over new neighborhood in Edmond


EDMOND, OK — Redbud Canyon neighborhood in Edmond is quiet and serene. It’s a neighborhood where people like the space they have between neighbors.

“We’re definitely not opposed to development. We just want to make sure it’s the right kind of development,” said  Lance Watson, one of the residents.

Right now, he and other folks aren’t sure that Thunder Canyon, a nearby neighborhood, fits that description. With streets named for Thunder players, the new neighborhood will back right up to Redbud Canyon. It will have more homes on smaller lots, and more traffic.

“If I was to pin down the one issue that’s the most difficult, it’s the road outlet,” said Robert Schiermeyer, the Edmond City Planner.

Schiermeyer says he’s heard a lot of concerns about the development from the folks living in Redbud Canynyon. He says the developer of Thunder Canyon is still working with the city to address those concerns.

“It doesn’t mean Redbud Canyon has to change, but you know, along the edge of it, there will be this difference,” said Schiermeyer.

Residents will hear more on all of this at the March Planning and Zoning meeting in Edmond.

By Sara Celi


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