U.S. soldiers still on high alert in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan — The war in Afghanistan may be winding down but the threat of deadly attacks from insurgents is still very real for coalition forces, including many Americans still there. Soldiers at one base in Kabul are taking on extra combat training with civilians.

Cpl. Zachary Colette of the Tactical Response Team says, “Preparing ourselves just in case something was to happen back at our base.”

Don’t let Corporal Colette’s calm demeanor fool you, these troops are preparing for an attack.

Moving and shooting, footwork, squad-based tactics, after recent suicide strikes against U.S. targets in the region, these troops will tell you boning up is very necessary.

“Just honing in on our skills and getting it down. As everybody says, I know it’s kind of cheesy but practice makes perfect. You don’t really move and shoot on just an average range,” says Chief Matthew Paul, Master at Arms.

Teamwork is essential – this is about more than just pulling the trigger. It’s about getting to know the other service members on the base and the civilian contractors, too.

“This team is basically made up of different personnel. We’re not necessarily military police or law enforcement or even any type of security field. So getting them out here and making them work as a team is important,” Cpl. Zachary Colette explains.

And in a region still doused with violence, “Important” often means life-saving.

That extra training isn’t a requirement on military bases but troops at the Kabul base say they do it to be proactive.

Ian Parker Reporting for Freedom 43 TV.


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