Saving A Buck: Holiday Decorating


The holiday season is in full swing. Many people have started decking their halls with holiday decor. The weather, so far, has certainly given you no excuse when it comes to decorating the outside of your home, but when it comes to holiday decor the price can add up.

So, where do you start when you want to save a buck on the holiday cheer?

Mindy Geist, a local interior designer, says you can get a festive look just using what you already have around your home.

Geist said, “If you have a piece of art you love, tuck it in your tree and make that the theme of that tree or that room.”

Tissue boxes easily become presents to either tuck in the tree or decorate your shelves.

Geist even got branches from real Christmas trees to use in decorating. The branches were free from Lowe’s and Home Depot. She says they not only look pretty but give off a nice smell.

Dollar store platters with a little chalkboard paint can add a little sparkle and a personal message to any area of your home. If you don’t want to buy a holiday wall hanging just wrap the art you already have in wrapping paper.

Geist said, “If you do what you like it always works out, that’s what I tell my clients.”

One of her favorite ideas is to personalize your tree.

Geist, showing us a tree, said, “This is a wedding tree. These are flowers from my wedding 19 years ago.”

A shoe and even a wedding invitation give the tree special meaning.

For a little different nostalgia try this, tuck those toys your kiddos no longer use into a tree. It will bring back happy holiday memories every time you pass by.
Geist said, “It just personalized it and is a little fun and unusual.”

Great ideas to help you save a little cash this season.

Mindy also suggests experimenting with deco mesh. It’s available in most stores for under $10 and can really add flare to your decorating. She says holiday decorating should never stress you out. If it does then you are over thinking it.

Remember simple can be beautiful.


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