Vietnam wall makes new home in Enid

ENID, Okla. – A traveling replica of the national Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall now has a permanent home in Enid, Oklahoma.

The wall arrived in the city on Friday, escorted by hundreds of motorcyclists, many of whom are veterans.

The Enid community had been raising money for over a year to pay for the wall.

“Today is a culmination of all those efforts,” Retired Air Force Colonel Dan Ohnesorge said. “A lot of people on the committee, a lot of people in the town worked to make this happen.”

Ohnesorge and retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Don Allen spearheaded the effort to bring the wall to Enid.

“I have two high school classmates on that wall. I think it’s very important that the community have a sense of ownership and pride in what we’re bringing to this community,” Allen said.

The Enid community raised over $294,000 to purchase the wall from Don Allen.

Allen said Enid’s patriotism played a big role in his selection of where the wall should call home.

“This tribute that had been touched and had touched so many people was not going to sit somewhere and wait for somebody to come out and say ‘isn’t that nice.’ It’s going to be used to further the patriotism of this community,” Allen said.

The wall will be displayed at Woodring Airport beginning Memorial Day 2013.


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