Unedited video: Magician burned as hair lights on fire


An American magician was recuperating in the Dominican Republic after a local television show host lit his head on fire with a flammable cologne.

U.S. magician Wayne Houchin is recovering in a Dominican Republic hospital after a TV host lit his head on fire with some kind of flammable liquid.

Houchin was a guest on the Dominican Republic’s “Approach the Stars” TV program Nov. 26th when, he says, host Franklin Barazarte, unexpectedly, poured flammable cologne on his head.

A video of the incident shows the magician’s head bursting into flames as Barazarte runs his hands over Houchin’s hair. A warrant has been issued for Barazarte’s arrest.

Houchin was rushed to the hospital with first- and second-degree burns to his face and hands. He wrote on Facebook, “This was not a stunt or part of an act. This was a criminal attack.”


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