Student sets fire in high school bathroom


OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City Police say a 15-year-old student at Capitol Hill High School lit a toilet paper dispenser and toilet paper on fire during school on Tuesday.

A school resource officer noticed the flames.

“It’s a felony crime, and that’s something that is very serious. And obviously when you have got a school full of kids and you have a fire that is suddenly set, that is something that can do a lot of damage,” said OKC PD’s Gary Knight.

Police say this whole crime didn’t take too long, only about 30 seconds to commit

“It was through a video tape. There is video tape through out the schools and it clearly showed the kid going in and out of the stalls at the time of the fire,” said Knight.

Daniel Neumann was arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail on charges of arson and endangering life. Police say no one was hurt.

By Sara Celi


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