Beatles music rocks the rooftop

The Inteli-gentsRoofTop1

OKLAHOMA CITY — Great songs like Get Back, Paperback Writer, Taxman and Love Me Do could be heard echoing through downtown Oklahoma City. The local band called “The Inteli-gents” (pictured) also known locally as The WiseGuys” played a set of Beatles songs on top of a Midrise Building at 125 Park Avenue.

The building is the headquarters for VI Marketing and Branding which organized today’s rooftop concert and fundraising event.

“We’re helping to raise money for The United Way. We’re playing Beatles tunes and we’re having a chili cook-off to help this great organization,” said Randy Colton, lead singer of The Inteli-gents.

The warm weather brought out downtown workers and the great sounds of the Beatles could be heard from blocks away.


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