Recent attacks inspire safety forum

EDMOND, Okla. – A couple of recent attacks on female joggers around the metro inspired one group to provide a few lessons in safety on Saturday.

“We’re having a women’s safety forum in light of the women who have been attacked recently while out jogging,” Kristin Brittain said.

Brittain is the director of special projects for ‘runhers,’ a women’s lifestyle organization and partner in the forum.

Some of the women at the forum knew what it was like to feel unsafe outdoors. 

“I was running out at Lake Hefner a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t hear him coming up behind me. When I realized he was a couple of steps behind, I was able to, you know, side-step and get away,” Kristin Brittain said

A July 10 attack on a woman walking near I-35 and SE 15th in Edmond had a lot of forum attendees concerned. 

Jennifer Monroe, Public Information Officer for the Edmond Police Department, recounts what happened to the woman.

“[The victim] was heading back to her house and somewhere along the frontage road was attacked. She was hit in the head and had pretty major head wounds,” Monroe said.

The safety forum, held at Redline Jiu Jitsu in Edmond, covered various scenarios and taught women what to do before, during and after an attack.

The instructors said the Jiu Jitsu moves they taught the women would work just as well for men.


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