4WarnMe app now available for Android

get 4 warn me for iphone or android phones

You requested it and it’s here. The popular 4WarnMe app is now available for your android smartphone. This app will notify you of a tornado warning in your area and allow you to watch our live coverage of the event right on your android phone.

4Warn Me is now available for Android and iPhone.

Your Android device must have the OS version 2.2 or above. Devices with Android 2.1 or below will not work with this app.

Get 4Warned in an instant with 4Warn Me!

App Features:
– Push Notifications
– Live Streaming Video
– Tornado Safety Tips
– Ability to send photos to KFOR-TV
– Radar, satellite and other weather images

Get 4Warn Me

If your power goes out, you can still watch our live coverage right on your cell phone with the 4WarnMe app. You can download it at your Google Play store or at our AppCenter.

Before any chance of severe weather make sure your phone is well charged. Remember this app will only notify you if your notifications are turned on, your volume is up and there is a tornado warning in your area. It will not notify you of tornado watches.


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